Thu Apr 17th, 2014
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Protecting Western Colorado Water

Mission Statement: To lead in the protection, conservation, use, and development of the water resources of the Colorado River basin for the welfare of the District, and to safeguard for Colorado all waters of the Colorado River to which the state is entitled.

River Water Project to Benefit De Beque, Farmers, Energy Firms
Ranchers and De Beque residents will gain irrigation water and the energy industry will have access to water for drilling under a project that will pump water out of the bottom of the Colorado River. Energy companies will pay most of the cost of the project that will use an existing intake at the bottom of the river to draw water out and pipe it into existing ditches and a small impoundment that energy companies can draw on for their drilling activities.

"It's definitely an asset to the community," said De Beque-area rancher Tom Latham. "The town will benefit, irrigation and agricultural people will benefit and the oil and gas business will benefit." Latham and rancher Dale Albertson represent the Bluestone Water Conservancy District along with members of the board of the Colorado River Water Conservation District in pushing the project, for which work could begin this year.
-Full article in the Grand Junction Sentinel-

Mapping the River Ahead (click to download report)
Priorities for Action Beyond the Colorado River Basin Study
The Colorado River has always been known for its superlatives - the most volatile supplies, the most iconic landscapes, the most dammed, the most litigated, and recently, the most threatened. The challenges of the past have been overcome with achievements that matched the scope of the difficulties - significant and much-emulated breakthroughs in engineering and deal-making. The challenges of the present and future will require an even greater degree of creativity and ability to see through immediate gains and losses to the greater and longer term benefits to river interests and communities. The leaders in Colorado River water issues have historically risen to the challenges, tackling tough issues as they arise, and the leadership engaged today is in the complicated and painful throes of doing so again.
-A Carpe Diem West Report- (click to download report)

Colorado Leads The Way On 'Small Hydro'
For much of the 20th century, hydroelectric technology led to the construction of giant dams across the American West and around the world. Big hydro projects have a big impact on surrounding ecosystems, Colorado is at the center of a growing move toward hydropower on a smaller scale. Recent federal rule changes have made it easier to win approval for small hydro projects.
-Audio interview as reported by KGNU's Sam Fuqua-

River District explains water bank concept to irrigators
The Colorado River District traveled to Montrose and Palisade Tuesday to speak with irrigators about the possibility of a water bank on the Western Slope. The new concept would increase security for the Upper Colorado River Basin water supplies and reduce the potential negative impacts of persisting drought conditions.
-Coverage by Emily Frederick of KREX-TV-

Board of Directors Meeting Summary
for the First Quarter of 2014
Options Discussed on plunging water levels of Lakes Powell and Mead
Colorado State Legislation
Board elects officers and welcomes new directors
Review of policies
Analysis of State's water supply gap
Link to previous issues.
Colorado River Basin Supply and Demand Study
The Bureau of Reclamation's Upper Colorado and Lower Colorado Regions, in collaboration with representatives of the seven Colorado River Basin States, submitted a Proposal in June 2009 to fund the "Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study" under Reclamation's Basin Study Program.

The Study characterizes current and future water supply and demand imbalances in the Basin and assesses the risks to Basin resources. Resources include water allocations and deliveries consistent with the apportionments under the Law of the River; hydroelectric power generation; recreation; fish, wildlife, and their habitats; water quality including salinity; flow and water dependent ecological systems; and flood control.
-Bureau of Reclamation Study webpage-

Water Wranglers
The 75-Year History of the Colorado River District: A Story about the Embattled Colorado River and the Growth of the West             by George Sibley
Water Wranglers is the story of the Colorado River District's first seventy-five years, using imagination, political shrewdness, legal facility, and appeals to moral rightness beyond legal correctness to find balance among the various entities competing for the use of the river's water. It is ultimately the story of a minority seeking equity, justice, and respect under democratic majority rule - and willing to give quite a lot to retain what it needs.
-More Information-
-Writer Allen Best interviews George Sibley in Mountain Town News-

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Lake Powell


2014 State of the River meetings

To learn more

Roundtables Website Link

Use this link for the latest information about the Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act that created Basin Roundtables to discuss water supply issues and solutions.

Basin Roundtables

Risk Management for the Upper Colorado River Basin

General Manger Eric Kuhn has authored a paper that outlines risk-management issues associated with the growing use of water in the Colorado River Basin. It is called "Risk Management Strategies for the Upper Colorado River Basin." Kuhn lays out the risks lurking in the shadows as demands on the river exceed supply. He explores strategies to minimize the risk of a Colorado River Compact curtailment of the states of the Upper Basin, which are Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico.
Risk Management for the Upper Colorado River Basin

10,825 Study

Joint Water Supply Study by East and West Slope entities to provide summer flows to support the Upper Colorado Endangered Fish Recovery Program.  
click here

The Colorado River

Eric Kuhn, General Manager
The Story of a Quest for Certainty on a Diminishing River

Colorado River Management

A West Slope Perspective
Existing and Proposed Transmountain Diversion Projects
Colorado River Management

Colorado River Cooperative Agreement

The Colorado River Cooperative Agreement (CRCA) amount the River District, 41 other West Slope entities and Denver Water. The historic Agreement offers water supply, environmental benefits and financial benefits to the West Slope.
Colorado River Cooperative Agreement

Colorado River's Uncertain Future

Global Warming and the Colorado River
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