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Current Water Conditions

Colorado River Basin
Hydrologic and Drought Conditions

The Western Water Assessment offers quarterly reports on climatic activity.
Be sure to check the latest edition of the Intermountain West Climate Summary.

The snow season is approaching.
Latest information on moisture and precipitation

Precipitation during the last 30 days.
Snowpack trends.
The current drought monitor map.   The latest El Nino (ENSO) discussion.
An animated map shows sea-surface temperature trends.  
Current reservoir storage statistics.
How does Lake Powell look?
Lake Powell inflow and outflow statistics. Wildfire dangers outlook.  

Other cool websites for people who can never learn enough about weather, climate, drought and fire conditions


U.S. Drought Monitor map
U.S. Drought Forecast map
Ending Current Drought - Measure of the amount of precip. required to end or ameliorate current drought conditions.  



El Nino/ La Nina current conditions maps El Nino/ La Nina Advisory - CPC
NOAA El Nino Page
El Nino Impacts on Colorado Monthly Temp. and Precip. Outlooks
Current Climate Summary Maps Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
Earthwatch - Weather on Demand
Interactive Global Geostationary Weather Satellite Images
Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN)
National Weather Service - Western Regional Weather
NOAA West Slope Weather Forecast
U.S. Temperature and Precipitation Trends

Snowpack/ Runoff/ Precipitation

Colorado Year-to Date Precipitation Graphs by River Basin  
All about snow!  
Western U.S. Weekly Drought Monitor/ Snowpack Report
Interactive Snow Information - NOHRSC
Central Rockies Snow Analyses Monthly Precipitation and Percent of  Precipitation Maps
Spring and Summer Runoff Forecast Westwide
Streamflow Forecast Map
Streamflow Forecast Maps for Colorado, Rio Grande and Arkansas Basins
Short-term River Forecast from CBRFC
Standardized Precipitation Index
Peak Streamflow Forecast 
Colorado Real-time Streamflow Data

Water Supply

Water Supply Forecast Probability Charts - NWCC
Colorado River Basin Water Supply Outlook - CBRFC
NRCS Monthly Water Supply Report
Current Water Year Data -NRCS
Colorado Surface Water Supply Index - CWCB

Water Storage

Current Storage in Colorado Reservoirs (in percent of capacity
Current Monthly Reservoir Storage Data
Reservoir Storage throughout the West
Upper Basin Reservoir Storage Teacup Diagram
Green Mountain Teacup Diagram
Ruedi Reservoir Teacup Diagram
Gunnison River Basin Storage Teacup Diagram
 Bureau of Reclamation Menu of Project Teacup Diagrams (Hydromet)
Mainstem of Colorado River Storage - weekly water supply report Lake Powell Elevation and Current Status  

Misc. Indicators

Soil Moisture Monitoring Vegetation Health and Temperature map

Critical Stream Gages

Colorado Drought Information:

Colorado Drought Watch (USGS)  
Colorado Water Conservation Board Drought Information Page         
Colorado Water Conservation Board Drought Updates           
Colorado State University Extension Service Drought Information        
Drought Monitor           
Drought Outlook           
Drought Response Information Project (DRIP)           
History of Drought in Colorado           
Interim National Drought Council           
National Drought Policy Commission           
National Drought Mitigation Center           
NOAA Drought Page           
National Resource Conservation Service Colorado Drought Page        
NOAA Drought Information Center           
U.S. Department of Interior "Water 2025 Report"    

Stream Flows: 

Colorado Division of Water Resources           
River District Comprehensive Mapping and Gauge Page


Climatic Fluctuations, Drought and Flow in the Colorado River - USGS     
Climate of 2005           
Colorado Climate at a Glance - National Climate Data Center           
Colorado Climate Center           
Colorado Climate Summaries           
Colorado El Nino/ La Nina Forecast           
El Nino multimedia webcast           
El Nino/ Southern Oscillation (ENSO) 3-D animation           
Exploratorium/ Global Climate Change           
High Plains Regional Climate Center           
Tree Ring Reconstructions of Streamflow in Colorado           
Western Regional Climate Center

Water Conservation:

Colorado State University Drought Tips           
Rocky Mountain Institute Water Conservation Page           
UNL Drought Mitigation Page       

CSU Turfgrass page       
Understanding Plant Water Use (Evapotranspiration)  
Denver Botanic Gardens Smart Watering Tips           
Denver Water Xeriscape Page           
Greenco Healthy Plants and Drought Page           
"X-rated Gardening" Xeriscape page           

Drought and Agriculture:

Coping with Drought - NDSU Ext. Service           
CSU Drought Info for Farm, Ranch and Small Acreage website           
Department of Agriculture, State of Colorado           
Risk Management Agency - USDA (crop insurance program)           
U.S. Farm Network - Drought Archive


Fire Bans in Effect           
Current Wildland Fire Information - National Interagency Fire Center       
National Fire Weather Page - National Weather Service           
NOAA Fireweather Index    

River Boating Conditions:

High Country River Rafters - flows      


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