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Frequently Asked Questions

Phone, fax or e-mail your questions: (970) 945-8522 (phone) (970) 945-8799 (fax)   E-mail:
  Questions regarding Colorado River District: 
    Reservoirs: Elkhead Reservoir  and Wolford Mountain Reservoir 
    Grant Program        
    Water Sales      
    State Water Legislation and Regulation
    Water Education    

Office Locations  

Where are your offices located?  Our main office is are located at 201 Centennial Street, Suite 200 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601. Map    

Wolford Mountain Reservoir operations office is located at 27219 U.S. Highway 40, Kremmling, CO 80459.  


Are there any positions open at the River District? Please visit Employment.

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What is the mission of the River District? The Colorado River Water Conservation District (River District) was created by the Colorado General Assembly in 1937.  The River District provides legal and political representation for Western Colorado water interests.  It also develops and assists others with the development of Western Colorado's water resources.  In general, the River District can appropriate water rights, litigate water matters, enter into contracts, operate projects and perform other functions as needed to meet the present and future water needs of the District.  

How is the River District funded?
The River District's General Fund is funded by a property tax within the 15 Western Colorado counties we serve. Revenues for the River District's Enterprise activities are primarily based on water sales, lease revenues and investment interest earnings.

When is your next board meeting?  Board meeting notices and agendas are posted at least twenty-four hours prior to a meeting. 

I'm new to the Western Slope, who is my representative on the River District Board of Directors?  River District Directors are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners of each county in the district and serve a three year term. Find your county representative.  

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When was Wolford Mountain Reservoir opened? Construction of the reservoir was completed in May 1996.

What types of recreational activities can be found at the reservoir?  Numerous year-round activities can be found at the Wolford Mountain Reservoir.  Examples include fishing, ice fishing, hiking, camping and boating.    

Can I camp at the reservoir?   Yes, both camping spots and RV hook ups are available. In the summer months, reservations are recommended.   

What kind of fish might I catch?  Rainbow trout, cutbow trout and splake.  

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Grant Program

What types of grants are available? Eligible applicants can receive up to a maximum of $150,000 (or 25% of the total project cost - whichever is less) for their water supply project. More information.

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Water Sales

Is there a minimum and maximum amount of water that I can contract? The minimum amount of contract water is 0.1 acre-foot annually.  Please visit our water marketing policy on our water marketing page for the maximum amount of contract water.  

How much does it cost to contract for water?  The charges vary depending on the water source (i.e., Colorado River water versus Eagle River water).  Please visit our water marketing page for the current pricing amounts.  In addition, there is a non-refundable application processing fee of $400.  This fee is increased to $800 if the River District is required to file a Statement of Opposition.   

How long is the term of my contract? The River District offers two types of contracts - Interim and Full Term.  The Interim Contract period is 5 years or less. The River District's Full Term contract is for a period of 5 years up to a maximum of 40 years, with a right to renew option for an additional 35 years.    

Where does the water originate?
  The River District sells water from its reserves (developed or previously purchased).  The water comes from Eagle Park Reservoir, Ruedi Reservoir and the District's Wolford Mountain Reservoir.  For a summary and description of the water rights held by the River District, please visit the Water Marketing web page.

How do I apply for a water supply contract?  Visit Water Marketing for the application and instructions.   

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State Water Legislation and Regulation 

Where can I find Colorado State Statutes and information on Legislative activities concerning Colorado water issues?  Colorado State Statutes may be found at LexisNexis. For current legislative activities concerning Colorado water issues visit Colorado General Assembly.   

What current State level Legislative issues regarding Colorado water is the River District following?
 Legislative Updates   

What does "First in Time, First in Right" mean?  Visit "The Prior Appropriation System"  

How do I obtain a Water Right?
 Visit Water Rights.

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Water Education

How do I learn more about water issues in Colorado?  Our web site has many resources internally as well as links to outside water agencies that provide information on key Colorado water issues such as Transmountain Diversions, Water Quality and Colorado Compact issues. 

The water world seems to be filled with a lot of abbreviations and acronyms.  Can you help? Absolutely.  Please see our Water Glossary and Acronyms.   

I'm a teacher, do you have any educational resources?
 Yes. For a list of ideas, maps, video's and brochures, lesson plans and other resources, visit "For Teachers."  There are also several water festivals in the area.

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